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Sacred Almanac: Traces of Greed Free Game

Can you dig up the truth in this hidden object mystery?

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Can you dig up the truth in this hidden object mystery?

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Categories : Hidden Object Detective Mystery Large File

Developer : Far Mills

Downloads : 149.7K

Price : Free

The mysterious disappearance of a chief engineer Jonathan Finch, interrupts the construction of a trunk railway. Construction company forced to freeze works. The head of the company sends a film footage with records of the accident to his friend, an ex-army officer Richard Stone. Richard's attention rivets one of the tragical moments. He notices the stone monument, and its origin become a riddle for the hero. Having agreed to participate in the investigation, Richard doesn't suspect yet, he takes a dangerous path of a defender of an ancient civilization.

Game Requirements:

  • Game Size: 591 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10


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Video and Screenshots

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